Museum Sejarah Jakarta

Museum Sejarah Jakarta

The Museum Sejarah Jakarta (Jakarta History Museum) allows
visitors to explore the city's heritage from its location at the former
Stadhuis, or City Hall building. The construction of the building was
finished in 1712, two years after its inauguration by Governor
General Abraham van Riebeeck. Following various functional
changes, the building was declared the Museum Sejarah Jakarta on
30 March 1974. It showcases 500 collections, including the
Ciaruteun Inscription from the Tarumanegara Kingdom, which carries
the footprint of the Hindu god Wisnu; the old Portuguese cannon Si
, a statue of the Greek god Hermes; a pulpit from the Kampung
Baru Mosque; the underground jail where the famed hero Untung
Suropati (1670) and Prince Diponegoro (1830) were detained; and
the fountain at Fatahilah Park, which was once the only water
reservoir around the City Hall.

Source: Museum Sejarah Jakarta
Photo source: Collection of the Museum Sejarah Jakarta, by Jie W. Kusumo and HoS