Museum Nasional

Museum Nasional

The establishment of the Museum Nasional (National Museum)
was pioneered by J.C.M. Rademacher, a member of the Raad van
Indie, who founded Bataviaasch Genootschap van Kunsten en
on 24 April 1778. The organization eventually
established the Museum Nasional, which is the oldest and largest
museum in Indonesia with a collection of 141,000 artifacts
from diverse areas and historical eras. The Museum Nasional hosts
collections of prehistoric and archaeological objects, numismatic
(coin collections) and heraldics (coats of arms), ceramics,
ethnography, geography, and history. The array of items displayed
include a necklace from the Kutai Kingdom ornamented with two
dragons intertwining each other, a statue of Bhairawa that
symbolizes King Adityawarma one of the largest archaic statues
in Indonesia and a crown from Siak Sultanate of Riau.

Source: Museum Nasional
Photo source: Collection of the Museum Nasional and HoS