Museums in Surabaya

Pioneered by Dr dr Haryadi Soeparto, DOR MSc. in the 1990's, the collection of
the Museum Kesehatan dr. Adhyatma, MPH (dr. Adhyatama Health Museum)
depicts mankind's efforts to preserve health and various tools that have been used
in curing sicknesses.

Indrapura 17, Surabaya 60176
Tel. 031 352-8748 ext 105
Fax. 031 352-8749
Once the home of the Stedelijk Historisch Museum Surabaya (Urban Historical Museum
Surabaya) established by G.H. Von Faber in 1933, the Mpu Tantular Museum boasts
the most comprehensive collection of antiquities in East Java representing the fields of geology,
biology, ethnography, archaeology, history, numismatics (coin collections), philology, ceramics,
fine arts and technology. The museum's name honors Mpu Tantular, a renowned poet during
the fourteenth century East Java Majapahit Kingdom.

Raya Buduran (Barat Jembatan Layang), Sidoarjo 61252
Tel. dan Fax. 031 805-6688
Established on 19 September 1969, the Museum TNI AL Loka Jaya Crana (Loka Jaya Crana Navy
Museum) stores and displays historic objects that have been owned and used by the Indonesian
Navy since the physical revolution era and includes the De Zeven Provinsien (The Seven
Provinces) warship cannon, the Navy Captain sailing ship, the Amphibious Panzer BTR 60,
the Baju Wapak BKR Laut Talisman and a planetarium in which visitors can see and learn
about the solar system.

Candradimuka Kompleks Pendidikan TNI AL Bumimoro, Surabaya
Tel. 031 329-1092 ext 4380
Synopsis and photo collection are from each museum.