House of Danar Hadi

House of Danar Hadi

The House of Danar Hadi museum is located  in nDalem
, the residence of K.P.H. Wuryaningrat, a prominent
figure in Indonesia's revolution against Dutch colonial rule
and son-in-law of Paku Buwono X, a king of the Surakarta sultanate,
Kasunanan Surakarta Hadiningrat. The museum describes the history
of batik through the colors and motifs of pieces ranging from antique
to contemporary, under the theme “Batik: The Influence of Time
and Place." Admire the designs and softness of Kraton (royal palace)
batiks, each with its own unique story and symbolism,
and the uniqueness of the Dutch, Chinese and other traditional batiks
in the collection, comprising 10,000 pieces in total. Seeing the actual
process of making hand-drawn (tulis) and printed (cap) batiks
and the dyeing process available at Danar Hadi is a “must see”.

Source: House of Danar Hadi
Photo source: Collection of the House of Danar Hadi and HoS