Museum Geologi

Museum Geologi

The Museum Geologi (Geological Museum) was opened on 16 May
1929 under the name of Geologische Museum and is closely
associated with the research in Indonesia that began in the 1850's
by Dienst van het Mijnwezen, a mining official based in Bogor.
Hosting a collection of rocks, minerals, meteorites, fossils
and artifacts, visitors can discover through its various exhibits
when and how the earth was formed, important epochs, geological
phenomena in Indonesia, and the relationship between geology
and human life. Major attractions of the Museum Geologi include
the fossils of Homo erectus, the prehistoric elephant
Stegodon trigonocephalus, and the biggest known species of
carnivorous dinosaur Tyrannosaurus rex that existed
during the Cretaceous period.

Source: Museum Geologi
Photo source: Collection of the Museum Geologi and HoS